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Day 5 Sport Summary
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** SPORT / Results & Statements (with the complete results of the participants from the host countries Austria and Liechtenstein) **
Alpine Skiing: Mixed Parallel Team Event (Boys & Girls) I St. Gallenkirch-Garfrescha
Gold: Austria (Franziska Gritsch (SC Sölden), Katharina Liensberger (SK Rankweil), Julia Scheib (SC Atus Frauental), Pascal Fritz (Bartholomäberg/Vorarlberg Skiing Federation), Fabio Gstrein (SC Sölden), Raphael Haaser (SV Achensee)
Silver: Norway (Marte Edseth Berg, Vilde Brakestad, Kajsa Vickhoff Lie, Odin Vassbotn Breivik, Joachim Jagge Lindstoel, Olav Engelhardt Sanerberg)
Bronze: Germany (Martina Ostler, Julia Pronnet, Lucia Rispler, Ferdinand Dorsch, Joel Kohler, Adrian Meisen)

Austria, Fabio Gstrein: “Already at breakfast the vibes were good and we speculated about a medal. And now it’s Gold, that’s amazing. We’ve given it everything; we’ve struggled down to the finish line but we’ve also had a lot of fun.”
Norway, Vilde Brakestad: “The perfect conclusion of a great sport week. We are very happy with our results. The team medal means a lot to us.”
Germany, Adrian Meisen: “It’s been a great race. The medal is the perfect motivation for the future and strengthens our team spirit.”

Cross Country Skiing: Mixed Relay 4 x 5 km (Girls & Boys) I Steg
Gold: Russia (Alexander Klugen, Lidia Durkina, Egor Kazarinov, Olga Kucheruk) – 55:19,7
Silver: Norway (Petter Stakston, Marte Maehlum Johansen, Simen Thune Rolfsen, Martine Lorgen Oevrebust) - 55:30,3
Bronze: Germany (Jakob Vogt, Katherine Sauerbrey, Janosch Brugger, Antonia Fräbel) – 56:39,0

8. Austria (Felix Dieser (1. SVG Hohe Wand), Barbara Walchhofer (USC Altenmarkt/Zauchensee), Benjamin Moser (SV Achensee), Lisa Achleitner (LLC Region Angerberg) – 58:54,1
Russia, Olga Kucheruk: “We are really blessed; it’s magnificent that we have won. We’ve really given it our best. Liechtenstein it so beautiful, the EYOF was great. We take unforgettable memories with us home to Russia.”
Norway, Marte Maehlum Johansen: “I am proud of our team. We all showed great performances. Today’s race has been a real challenge and we are very happy about Silver. Vorarlberg & Liechtenstein were great hosts. We will come back, for sure.”
Germany, Janosch Brugger: “Despite loads of fresh snow the track was very firm and in perfect shape. The fight for the Bronze Medal was really hard. Due to living in Malbun, we’ve missed some events of EYOF. But the landscape in Liechtenstein is wonderful, and it was fun to ski here.”
Biathlon: Mixed Relay (Girls 2 x 6 km, Boys 2 x 7,5 km) I Bürserberg
Gold: Norway (Mathea Tofte, Karoline Erdal, Aleksander Fjeld, Sturia Holm Laegereid) – 1:25:56,1
Silver: Russia (Vera Rumyantseva, Irina Kazakevich, Nikita Lobastov, Igor Malinovskii) – 1:26:34,8
Bronze: Germany (Melanie Eccarius, Sophia Schneider, Marinus Veit, Tobias Wanninger) – 1:28:53,5

8. Austria (Lukas Kröll (KSC Kitzbühel), Sebastian Trixl (HSV Hochfilzen), Tamara Steiner (WSV Ramsau), Theresa Wibmer (LLC Angerberg) – 1:34:15,9
Norway, Karoline Erdal: “We didn’t expect to win. So we are more than happy about Gold.”
Russia, Nikita Lobastov: “It’s been a strong team performance, which makes us very proud. Especially Vera, our youngest, had a great race.”
Germany, Melanie Eccarius: “We have speculated about a medal, and it’s great to have won Bronze. It’s been a tough competition, and in the end luck was on our side.”

Austria, Lukas Kröll: “We are not satisfied with our race, our shooting performance was really bad. Norway, Russia and Germany have done a great job and deserve the medals.”

Nordic Combined: HS 108 (Ski Jumping), 5 km Gundersen (Boys) I Tschagguns & Gaschurn
Gold: Willi Hengelhaupt (GER) – 13:40,9
Silver: Samuel Mraz (AUT, SG Klagenfurt) – + 00:36,4
Bronze: Theo Rochat (FRA) – + 00:44,5

5. Daniel Rieder (AUT, SC Bischofshofen) – + 00:58.6
12. Mika Vermeulen (AUT, WSV Ramsau am Dachstein) – + 01:29,0
23. Philipp Kuttin (AUT, SG Klagenfurt) – + 2:20,0

Hengelhaupt: “Twice Gold, once Silver – it’s been a fantastic festival for me. I am very proud that I’ve born up against the pressure I had. The EYOF is a great event, and I will take a lot of beautiful memories back home.”
Mraz: “This week has been sensational for me. I have won three medals; I’ve never anticipated that. The event was well organised, the atmosphere was amazing, and we had a lot of fun.”
Rochat: “I’ve given it everything and I’ve exhausted myself. The conditions were great. I will take many beautiful memories back home.”

Ski Jumping: Mixed Team Event, HS 66 (Girls & Boys) I Tschagguns
Gold: Germany (Agnes Reisch, Jonathan Siegel, Henriette Kraus, Axel Maylaender) – 880,6 points
Silver: Russia (Mariia Iakovleva, Maksim Sergeev, Sofia Tikhonova, Kiril Kotik) – 870,6 points
Bronze: Czech Republic (Jana Mrakotova, Robert Szymeczek, Zdena Pesatova, Frantisek Holik) – 843,2 points

5. Austria (Michael Falkensteiner (UVB Hinzenbach), Clemens Leitner (Nordic Team Absam), Julia Huber (Skiklub Rottenmann), Timna Moser (Nordic Team Absam) – 819,3 points

Germany, Agnes Reisch: “The Gold Medal has been our goal. Russia was a strong competitor, but we were able to take advantage of the conditions. We wanted to offer Henriette a special present. It’s her birthday today, and there is nothing better than celebrating this day on top of the podium.”
Russia, Sofia Tikhonova: “A great festival comes to an end. We fought hard and did our best. The result is the Silver Medal.”
Czech Republic: “We are very proud, we have won the first medal for the Czech Republic. We had great ambitions for EYOF. It was a great week with fair competitions, a brilliant event. Today we’re going to party just a little bit, because on Monday we’re travelling to the Junior World Championships.”

Ice Hockey I Aktivpark Schruns/Tschagguns
CZE – RUS 5:9 (1 - 2 , 2 - 2 , 2 - 5)


Great Competitions, Perfect Organisation
The organisers look back on a successful multi sport event: “The intensive preparations paid off. Our team has done an excellent job in all fields. We got a lot of compliments for the perfect organisation, from the great conditions at the venues to the transport and the catering”, says EYOF2015 CEO Philipp Groborsch.

On Duty 24/7
Karl Stoss and Leo Kranz, Presidents of the National Olympic Committees from Austria and Liechtenstein, are very satisfied with the smooth handling of the event. The festival’s guests gave very positive feedback. EYOF2015 Chairman Peter Mennel thanked all members of the Organising Committee, the authorities, the blue light organisations, the Federal Armed Forces and the 1.200 volunteers: “Our team has been on duty almost 24/7. Without them the European Youth Olympic Festival in Vorarlberg & Liechtenstein would not have been possible.” Also the public interest cannot be overrated: “More than 25.000 spectators in one week, that is a great result.”

Records and Premieres
For the first time, 45 nations participated in a winter edition of the European Youth Olympic Festival – that’s a new record. For the first time, two nations, Vorarlberg and Liechtenstein, hosted the festival. And finally, also the live broadcasting of the Opening Ceremony in ORF Sport + was an EYOF premiere.

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