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Sustainable EYOF: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle


The EYOF 2015 has a mission to ‚Go for Green‘. In accordance with the Guidelines of the IOC Sport – Environment Commission and the UNEP, EYOF 2015 Vorarlberg & Liechtenstein will seek to create sustainable and environmentally friendly surroundings for the Festival and reduce its carbon footprint by reducing waste of essential elements while communicating these ideals to the public.

As far as possible, and within the restrictions of its budget, EYOF 2015 will set up a plan to minimise the environmental impact of the EYOF 2015 while preserving the beauty and sustainability of the Montafon Valley and Liechtenstein within the framework of its activities, engaging the young participants and visitors to the event.



Eighty-two percent of all pre-Festival waste has been separated and EYOF is targeting 82% waste separation of the refuse generated in January 2015.

EYOF is seeking the full cooperation of its own workforce, sponsors, partners, athletes, teams and spectators involved with or attending the Festival to help achieve this goal. 

At Festival time, venue Waste & Recycling stations will be available to dispose conveniently of six main waste streams: glass, card, paper, plastic, metal, bio, other.

What happens to Festival waste?

§   Paper and cardboard recycled at the Festival will be used to create new products

§   All plastic collected at venues will be processed in each town to create clean raw materials for new plastic products

§   Where possible, non-recyclable waste will be sent to a Waste > Energy facility in each town, which converts these materials to energy through combustion


SUSTAINABLE LIVING AT EYOF 2015: Athletes, Guests & Workforce


All EYOF 2015 hotels and accommodation will use regional products and work in a sustainable and resource-saving way, for example when towels in the hotel rooms are only replaced when asked. This is environmentally friendly and saving water.

Food & Beverage

EYOF 2015 is catering for over 3.000 people per day during Festival time, the meal schedule is based on some guidelines for all:

§   Minimise transport by using regional products

§   Respect the needs of athletes’ for nutrition

§   Respect different religious groups, vegetarians and people with allergies


The EYOF 2015 departments will use existing facilities for their services - no new buildings are being constructed and catering outlets will be located in existing venues. The classes of the Tourism Schools Bludenz and Rankweil, with their pupils, are supporting the whole catering project. EYOF 2015 is supporting them with knowledge and practical experience.



The official Ports of Entry for the EYOF 2015 Delegations are Zurich Airport (ZRH), Friedrichshafen Airport (FDH) and Bludenz Train Station (BTS) where arrivals will be picked up via the Festival shuttle service. Clients will be grouped together to minimise the number of vehicles used.

The EYOF 2015 can be reached via plane from the airports of Zurich and Friedrichshafen, both of them reachable with 2 hours maximum.



The local transport concept for the EYOF 2015 focusses on using common transports which are economical and environmentally friendly. Most venues for the Festival can be easily accessed by public transport, by bicycle or on foot. Stress will be placed on all client groups to use the common shuttles wherever possible to minimise the carbon emissions associated with private vehicles and this also reduces the traffic trying to access the venue parkings on narrow mountain roads.

Bludenz Train Station is the closest train station to the host city Schruns / Tschagguns (distance about 14km) with international connections and is run by the Austrian Federal Railways (OEBB). There is a local train station in the host city Schruns / Tschagguns which connects the Montafon valley with Bludenz and is run by the Montafoner Bahn (mbs). Trains runs every 30-60 minutes.

The Common Shuttle Service within the Montafon comprises regular shuttle services for all client groups. It connects the team accommodation with all competition venues within the Montafon (Gaschurn, St. Gallenkirch-Garfrescha, Montafon Nordic, Schruns Hochjoch and Aktivpark Montafon). The Common Shuttle Service is based on the Public Transport System of Montafon (Montafon Landbus) which means that not only accredited clients will be able to use these service but everyone with a valid ticket can get on the shuttles. If the sport schedule requires, a higher frequency at peak times and additional bus vehicles for greater capacity will ensure that clients can reach the venues comfortably. The Common Shuttle Service to the venues outside the Montafon is an exclusive service for EYOF client which means access is only allowed to accredited clients. The different routes (A, B and C) offer a direct connection from most of the team accommodations to all competition venues outside the Montafon (Buerserberg, Messestation Dornbirn, Steg and Malbun). There will be a fixed timetable of each route which can vary daily in accordance with the sports schedule and will be communicated in due time.



EYOF 2015 is only using existing venues and buildings, nothing is being built just for the purpose of the Festival. Additional space will be won by using temporary tents and containers, which can be fully dismantled. Existing general infrastructure from sports clubs and construction yards is used e.g. fences, tools and other equipment before bought new, where possible. All Venue Teams are trained and educated to respect the guidelines of the sustainable and economically friendly concept of the EYOF 2015.



The greatest legacy for our Festival would be to change public behaviour to reflect a more sustainable lifestyle. Keep an eye out for tips on what you can do to make the Festival more sustainable and visit


Contact & Information

Europäisches Olympisches Jugendfestival Vorarlberg-Liechtenstein 2015 GmbH:

Batloggstraße 36, 6780 Schruns, Österreich
Philipp Groborsch, CEO
Mobile: +43 (0)664 60311 315
Phone: +43 (0)5556 73332-100, Fax: -101

Liechtensteinischer Olympischer Sportverband
Im Rietacker 4, 9494 Schaan, Liechtenstein
Robert Büchel-Thalmaier, General Manager
Phone: +423 232 37 57


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